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  • Bali Kratom Capsules

    Starting at: $15.45

    ● Green Vein ● Native to the Indonesian Island of Bali ● 1.7% mitragynine ● "00" Vegetarian Capsules

    Bali Kratom is a great balance between a red and white vein leaf. Customers who are looking for a more balanced blend of Kratom should look no further than our premium Bali capsules. Learn More
  • Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules (OG Red Vein)

    Starting at: $21.45

    ● Red Vein ● Native to the Thailand ● 2.1% mitragynine ● "00" Vegetarian Capsules The original red vein strain of Kratom, our Maeng Da Thai Leaf is freshly imported and lab tested for purity. This modified variant of Thai Kratom is by far one of our best selling leafs and for good reason. Learn More
  • White Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules

    Starting at: $15.45

    ● White Vein ● Native to the Island of Borneo ● Sourced from age-old trees ● Vegetarian "00" capsules White Vein Borneo may help support a boost in energy. Found in the jungles of Borneo, this strain is renowned for its invigorating qualities. Learn More
  • Item 3 total