Soul Speciosa is currently sterilizing all powdered kratom products to ensure their purity and safety. Please see our latest newsletter for more information.

Returns Policy

Did you buy Kratom, but have a problem with your order?

Please read our Kratom return policy carefully.

On all Kratom orders, we require that the customer contact us within at least thirty (30) days of receipt in order to qualify for refund or exchange.

Soul Speciosa does not assume the responsibility of return shipping costs on any merchandise (defective or otherwise.)  All Kratom orders are thoroughly inspected at Soul Speciosa and adequately packed before shipment.

Soul Speciosa does assume the responsibility for the quality of our goods upon arrival to the customer.  Soul Speciosa does assume the responsibility for shipping costs on product exchanges when shipped to the customer. 

NOTICE:  All return requests (including those for live plants) are to be accompanied by the original product (defective or otherwise) in unopened and untampered condition in order for the customer to qualify for a refund.  All Soul Speciosa Kratom are packaged in heat sealed zip-locks.  This seal cannot be broken in order for a product to qualify for refund.  Soul Speciosa reserves the right to refuse Kratom refunds on questionable returns and does not offer refunds on opened Kratom.

In order to quality for an exchange or store credit, Soul Speciosa requires a return of the original Kratom packaging.  While we do not require that a product returned for store credit be in unopened and untampered condition, we do reserve the right to refuse return requests.  Soul Speciosa also reserves the right to deny an exchange or credit upon inspection of any returned merchandise.  Soul Speciosa will not reship a returned item for any reason.

Please read through our Terms of Service before making your purchase and/or before contacting us regarding a possible return or exchange.